Stamtavler og bilder kan være linket til kattenes/oppdretterens navn!
Pedigrees and pics may be linked up to the cats/breeders names!

On hold There is some interest for the kitten
Booked Presumably the kitten is sold
Sold This kitten is sold


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Født / Born  16.03.2018


Sire: SC Cellani Cupro Thor - ABY o
SC Regtime Milady of Tejas - ABY o

Bloodgroup A, 
PK = NN,

Bloodgroup A, 
PK = NN,

Stamtavle / Pedigree


(N)Tejas Jelena   ABY o   

(N)Tejas Josja  ABY o   

Foto / Photos


Interessert?/Interested? Please send me an

Kittens from (N)Tejas are delivered at 16 weeks of age.
They are dewormed if needed, and have had their kitten vaccines and Rabiesvaccine and chipped.
They are registratet in NRR according to NRR and FIFe's rules.
Please send an
email  for further information.

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