Stamtavler og bilder kan være linket til kattenes/oppdretterens navn!
Pedigrees and pics may be linked up to the cats/breeders names!

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Født / Born March 23'rd, 2022

  Dam: (N)Tejas Liona - ABY a   Sire: GIC Ngorongoro Af Khartoum DVM DSM ABY n

Bloodgroup A, 
PK = NN,

Bloodgroup Ab, 
PK = NN,

Stamtavle / Pedigree


(N) Tejas R2-litter


  (N) Tejas Rino ABY o (Male) (N) Tejas Reza ABY n (Male) Booked  

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Kittens from (N)Tejas are delivered at 16 weeks of age.
They are dewormed if needed,  had their kitten vac., and microchipped, and got their Rabiesvac .
Our kittens are registrated in NRR.
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